Christmas is Camelot

Christmas in Camelot by Mary Pope Osborne

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Bibliographic Information:

Osbourne, Mary Pope. Christmas in Camelot. Illus. Author. New York, NY: Random House Inc, Publishing.2001. Print.

Summary: This book is about two children, Annie and Jack. They travel in time to the Middle Ages to Camelot through their magic tree house. When they arrive to Camelot this time, they are told it will be their last. The King has decided to ban magic because he had lost a few good soldiers to it. The children are very sad and decide that they need to find a way to remove the ban of the magic quickly.

Questions about the book:

How do Annie and Jack travel?

Where do they travel to?

Why is magic being banned in Camelot?

Activity Idea for the book:

Students will read the book, then make their own tree house model (this would be an activity for older students.) Along with the tree house, students will give a brief description of the book. They will also give their opinion of what they liked, what they didn’t like and if they were given the opportunity what they would change within the story or add to it.

Memorable Passages:

” If you survive to complete your quest, the secret door lies to the west.”

This is a quote from the Christmas King to the children, who offered to travel to The Otherworld, the find the missing soldiers and remove the ban of magic.

Theme/ Thematic Unit:

Time Warp, Siblings, Friendship, Middle-Ages

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Time Warp:

Time Warp is a literary device. The setting may be a past that is known to the reader, presumed future, or a time that is not known.  Christmas in Camelot includes time warp  because Annie and Jack travel to a known past but then return to the current time setting at the end of the story.

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