Myron’s Magic Cow

Myron’s Magic Cow

Image from:

Newman, Marlene. Myron’s Magic Cow. Illus. Jago. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Barefoot Books. 2005. Print.

Summary: Myron wanted to make pancakes one day and realized his family was out of milk. His mother gave him a five dollar bill to go to the store and get some. He was walking and stopped by a strange woman who told him she knew he needed milk and offered to give him a huge cow in exchange for his money. Before he could answer, the woman grabbed his money and got in her car and sped off, leaving the cow with him. Myron takes the cow home and discovers he can talk. He then finds out the cow can turn into a genie. He wishes someone else will be sent to the store besides him.

Possible Website:

This website provides links to other websites that deal with modern fantasy and different age groups.

Activity using the book:

The students can rewrite the book from the perspective of the cow or rewrite the book about how the blonde girl came across the large cow.

Questions from the book:

What did Myron go to the store for?

Who did Myron meet on the way to the store?

What did the person say to him?

What did Myron come home with?

How did Myron get into his apartment?

What is Myron’s wish to the genie cow?

Memorable Passages:

“Don’t let it get around. We’ve always been able to talk. But as long as no one knows, we get to hear all kinds of things. I’ve been around, you know, and I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there. Learned that one from my old pal Ali Baba. What’s your floor?”


Themes and Thematic Units: Modern Fantasy

Literary elements: personification. The cow in the story takes on human qualities because it speaks to Myron.

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