Goldilocks by Ruth Sanderson

Sanderson, Ruth. Goldilocks. Illus. Ruth Sanderson. New York, NY: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. 2009. Print.

Book cover image from:

Summary: This book is about a young girl named Goldilocks. She wanders into an empty house. she eats some of their food, accidently breaks a chair then decides to take a nap. The family of bears that owns the home comes back and sees her sleeping. They have her make the beds up and then share in baking with her.


This website has a fun game for students called “The Porridge Puzzle.”

Activity Idea Based on the Book:

Have students read the book, then rewrite a new ending to the story.

Questions about the book:

Why did Goldilocks go into the Bears’ home?

What did she break in the house?

Do you think it was okay for her to go into the house without permission? Why or Why not?

If you were Goldilocks, how would you have reacted to seeing that Bears lived in the home?

Themes/Thematic Units: Manners/Sharing

Literary Elements: Setting, Characters, Plot

This is an example of traditional literature because we do not know who the original author is and the time setting is set from a long time ago.

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