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Red is a Dragon: A Book of Colors by Roseanne Thong

Bibliographic Information: Thong, Roseanne. Red is a Dragon: A Book of Colors. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, LLC, 2001. Print.

Summary: This book describes and shows different colors that are used in everyday life. It is a great book for showing the concept of color. It talks about ten different colors, with illustrations that go along with the text. There is a young girl who comes across each of the colors and talks about what they mean to her. These colors are described from the perspective of a young Asian girl, but are still universal in explanations.

Possible Website:

This website provides links to various websites that focus on the concept of color. There are online museums students can tour virtually. It is a very fun website.

Possible Activity: Choose a page from the book and describe all of the colors that are shown on the page and what the objects are.

Questions about the book:

  • What are incense sticks?
  • What is Lychee?
  • What is the color os the teddy bear?
  • What is your favorite part of the book

Memorable Passage: The world is a rainbow for us to explore. What colors are waiting outside your door? (Thong n.p)

Themes/ Thematic Unit Ideas: Colors/ Asian Culture

Literary Elements: Poetry/ Characters

Agent A to Z by Andy Rash

Bibliographic Information: Rash, Andy. Agent A to Z. New York, NY: Scholastic Press, 2004. Print.

Summary: This is an ABC book that includes a different agent on each page. For example, Agent A, Agent B, Agent C, Agent D… and so on. Each of the agents includes words with the same letter as the agent. For example, Agent B’s page talks about how he chooses a blue bomb.

Possible Websites:

This is a fun website for students kindergarten through eighth grade. The first grade/ kindergarten link has games for learning abc order.

Activity Ideas: Have students pick three “agents” from the book. They must write sentences using only the letter of the agent represented. For example: Agent I is interested in indigo iguanas. (The word agent is the only word that should start with a different letter). This is a challenging activity, but will get students thinking about using words with specific letters.

Memorable Passage: Agent Z can’t be the phony riding by on his Zamboni.

Themes and Thematic Unit Ideas:ABC’s

Literary Terms: Poetry, Alliteration, Rhyming, Letters

The book Red is a Dragon: A Book of Colors, is what you would call a content book. It describes colors and they are found in everyday life.This book does not have any diversity. All of the characters in the book are Asian. They are mostly female characters and only two males. They do show a woman and a boy wearing glasses, other then that it is pretty normalized. The age range in the book is around ten years old and thirty years old.

The book Agent A to Agent Z, is what you would call a concept book. It takes the concept of letters and created a story for children to learn the alphabet and see the use of specific letters in a sentence. There are people in the book, mostly male agents. The male agents are shown doing “robust activities,” while the females are shown just looking into a door. The book does not include diversity, the characters are all white agents dressed in neat look suits.




Book Cover Image for Red is a Dragon:,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click

Book Cover Image for Agent A To Agent Z:

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